TTP Solutions Offers Short and Long Term Customer Care Plans for the Holidays

TTP Solutions Offers Short and Long Term Plans for the Holidays Fall is HERE and so are the holiday's and the busiest time of the year for a small business owner. Customer Service, order support and technical help is rising and customers need extra help during these times to provide quick and easy resolutions to their questions about your products and services. 
Most business owners will hire seasonal help to assist in the holiday experience for their customers. Hiring seasonal help has its benefits but can include pains  such as:  Recruiting and Hiring ExpensesTrainingPayroll, taxes, insurance These pains for small businesses can sometimes be devastating and sometimes even make the holidays stressful instead of joyful. 
The solution..... TTP Solutions 

An Innovation in Customer Care  TTP Solutions offers innovative plans that allow you to support your customers through this busy holiday season.... and beyond. Our short term programs with have you relaxing during the holidays inst…

Independent Contractor Program at TTP Solutions Hires Work at Home Mom's to earn seasonal cash......

Independent Contractor Program at TTP Solutions Hires Work at Home Mom's to earn seasonal cash...... 

It's that time of year again; when we could all use a little xtra cash to stay out of the piggy bank for the holidays and the upcoming New Year. As exciting and as fun as it all might be a little addition to the bank account this time of year can help A LOT.  With their independent contractor program, TTP Solutions has a way to add that cash to your bank account.

About the program
Our seasonal positions are for people that are seeking part time work as an independent contractor through the upcoming holiday season and possibly beyond. Some of the perks you can receive are a flexible schedule; the ability to work from your own home office, and make money from home! 
Pay and Hours are Competitive Call center professionals earn a competitive hourly pay ranging from 10-15.00 per hour depending on the project selected. You will be able to work at minimum 15 hours per week; bringing …
Whether we have a love for the cold weather or your like me and from the desert; (Phoenix), the SNOW IS COMING!!!!
As a call center that focuses on small to medium-sized businesses; we can't help but to notice the main pain points of being in the snow removal business; OR even worse being a customer.

Now that I live in the snow; (Michigan) we asked a few small businesses and residential customers about their snow removal services and discovered a few main pain points for both the business owner AND the customer.

For the Customer Let's look at the customer, first because without them none of us would be here, right? Snow removal services usually operate their business for commercial and residential uses; however we found the pain points to be about the same. 
Lack of availability In snow areas, the lack of service is about 65%. In fact we found that small business owners by December could not even get service and they told us they even tried early before the seaso…