Whether we have a love for the cold weather or your like me and from the desert; (Phoenix), the SNOW IS COMING!!!!
As a call center that focuses on small to medium-sized businesses; we can't help but to notice the main pain points of being in the snow removal business; OR even worse being a customer.

Now that I live in the snow; (Michigan) we asked a few small businesses and residential customers about their snow removal services and discovered a few main pain points for both the business owner AND the customer.

For the Customer

Let's look at the customer, first because without them none of us would be here, right? Snow removal services usually operate their business for commercial and residential uses; however we found the pain points to be about the same. 

Lack of availability

In snow areas, the lack of service is about 65%. In fact we found that small business owners by December could not even get service and they told us they even tried early before the season started. 

I have to ask myself, is this truly a business that high in demand when there are lots of customers?


Its lack of communication. Most snow removal companies are small, and usually consist of a crew of 5 or sometimes even less. And when your out in the zero below snow p;lowing away; you dont have time to answer a phone call, text and a social media post? definitely not.

Lack of communication 

Ever wonder IF the snow guy is ever going to show up so you can run errands? Or maybe your the local business that opens at 10AM and no one has came to clear the lot.

Forgetting to service a contract can drastically hurt a small snow removal company.

For the Business

Schedule Management 

Schedule Management is one of the highest pain points for efficiency in the slow removal business. Forgetting to plow the local supermarket contract before 7AM could be devastating for many years to come. Also, when you think about it, is your management of your schedule efficient?

The Solution- TTP Solutions 

Although these are  C-O-L-D issues that no one wants to think about after all, were BUSY, just maybe not as  efficient as you could be. ; TTP Solutions has the answer. With our services; schedule management and customer communication is a breeze. You can maximize your business and ensure high customer satisfaction this season now that we have our text and email notifications all in one SPOT! Its easy to check your schedule, send someone on a new job, or even let your customer know that you have completed their services for that day. (warms a customer right up).

Providing a better solution for communicating with your customers improves ROI and grows your customer base.  We offer services that will assist you in growing your business.
Some of the services that we offer include:

1. Email and Text Reminders: Set an automatic schedule for letting your customers know you have completed their service or simply send a bill reminder for payment. Customers love hearing that their service will be completed and that it  has been completed!

With our customer notification system; your customers will receive the best service possible; AND know when its complete! Provide that personal touch today!

2. Schedule Management: Ever forgotten to take care of a customer? It is so disappointing when your customer has no one show up for service. Manage your schedule easily and effectively with our integrated schedule management system. Automatic notifications are dispatched to remind you of your schedule and is easily integrated with any existing system that you may have in place!

Let us help you be more efficient today! 

3. Marketing: Grow your customer base this winter by not missing out on a potential customer! Let our service professionals gain commercial and residential business for this season TODAY!

We provide text marketing and outbound calling strategies that grow your business! 

For this snow season let's wow our residential and business customers with unbeatable service and make this winter GREAT!
Grow your business today Visit our website at or you may call or text us at 


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